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Cell phone in hand with the MMSD Schools App on the screen.

Real-time updates and information — right at your fingertips. See school and district events, pictures, video, calendars, contact information and so much more!

Cell phone in hand with the MMSD Schools App on the screen.

The Madison Metropolitan School District app provides families, students, and staff members with the news, calendars, and information they need in one place, conveniently accessed and formatted specifically for consumption on mobile devices.

App features:

  • Browse the latest news and announcements.
  • See pictures, videos, and documents.
  • Browse calendars for information about upcoming events. Filter calendars to see events most relevant to your interests.
  • Contact someone in the staff directory right from your device.

Download the app today to ensure you are always aware of the most important news, announcements, and calendar events, and have on-the-go access to the staff directory.

The information in the Madison Metropolitan School District app is drawn from the same source as the Madison Metropolitan School District website. Privacy controls restrict sensitive information only to authorized users.

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How to Customize the MMSD Schools App for Your School Community - Watch


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A huge thank you to Elizabeth Fackler, Leopold sub, for consistently stepping up to help keep the learning happening for all students. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our Leopold community!

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A shout out to Mike Friedlander, Leopold sub: Thank you for being willing to jump in and give 100% no matter what you are asked to do. We appreciate you!

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A huge thank you to Susan Roehlk for consistently taking long and short term sub jobs at Leopold over the years! Students and staff continue to benefit immensely from your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

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Mx. Ari, you bring such a positive attitude to Leopold. Thank you for your dedication to the Leopold community. We are so lucky that you have chosen Leopold as the school where you sub!

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Shoutout to Alison Stauffacher and IIP staff who have been supporting the transportation of our students from different programming sites across the city! While the kinks get ironed out, your support of the students is noticed and appreciated. Thank you!! <3

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Shout out to Mendota Community School! Thank you for all you do, to ensure every student matters and feels a true sense of belonging! It is seen and felt already in this school year. The amazing staff and leadership are truly appreciated!

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A big THANK YOU shout out to Kaylee and the C&I team for hosting Tech Services in room 116 during our Construction in the basement. We really appreciated the temporary workspace that you provided our team. -Chet Bembenek & Tech Services team

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Thank you Missy Baker and Mavric Besley for helping deliver new curriculum to our school's for this new school year. Your teamwork is appreciated.

Two hands holding each other on a purple background

Thank you Jesse Garcia (the mail driver) for jumping in and helping the food drivers get their trucks loaded and out to schools for the first day of new students. Your team work is appreciated!